Who We Are

Traditional Worship, Progressive Values. We strive to be a community as diverse and hospitable as God’s kingdom. We don’t all look or act alike; God knows we don’t all think alike. We don’t all read the Bible the same way. We bring different questions, and we carry different burdens. But every Sunday, we worship together as one. On Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings we worship in a traditional (rather Presbyterian) way. We study the teachings and the actions of Jesus. We sing many of the same hymns our grandparents sang. Yet, in our preaching and our prayers, we wrestle with the challenges of the modern world. We hope your heart will hear something personal and relevant—a word of comfort, a spur to action, a call to a deeper relationship with God.

A Church Family. We know it can be difficult to find a place to call “home” in New York City. As sisters and brothers on our own faith journeys, we each grow together in God’s spirit.

Always Seeking. Our ministries focus on encouraging spiritual growth, nurturing and developing the gifts individuals possess, and being a constant presence in God’s service. Our Christian Education program provides both children and adults opportunities to explore questions of faith, our traditions, and how the Bible is relevant to our modern lives.

Inclusive. We welcome all to worship with us, no matter their social or economic circumstance, gender, race or sexual orientation. We are a member of the More Light movement, a network of individual members and congregations within the Presbyterian Church (USA) working for full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people of faith in the life, ministry, and witness of the Church. We also support the work of Parity, formerly known as Presbyterian Welcome, which creates open and nurturing spaces to empower LGBTQ and allied young people to integrate their spiritual, gender and sexual identities through a range of programs.