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The Script @Stage74, a new musical reading series, is dedicated to developing new works and cultivating artists
while also benefiting the surrounding community
Admission to the readings will be gained with a donation, such as a can of food, an item of clothing, or a book,
that benefits a chosen mission program of Jan Hus Presbyterian.
At The Script, artists and audiences come together to inspire

artistic director | Michael Bello


Our 2017 Season


by Naomi Matlow
& Teresa Lotz

Thursday, March 16 @ 7pm

ThreeTimesFast follows the coming of age of fifteen-year-old Olivia Klemons as she wades through the stress of high school, her mother’s remarriage, a move to a new house and her fresh diagnosis with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As Olivia faces her deepest fears through therapy, she uncovers strength she never knew she had. Through Olivia’s struggles, her family members contemplate the habits we develop to help get us through the day with a feeling of greater control over life’s inevitable uncertainties. 

by David Lee Miller,
James Presson,
& Alexander Sage Oyen 

Thursday, April 20 @ 7pm

Archie, a fiercely intelligent and deeply angsty teenager, causes a furor at his high school when he threatens to kill himself on-camera for a class project. With a community up in arms and the school on high alert, Archie’s plan is thrown off balance when the captain of the cheer team seeks to “co-star” in his film. An emo-rock video opera based on the cult film by David Lee Miller.  

by Elise LEBreton,
Zdenko Martin, Madeline Myers & Matthew Russell 

Thursday, May 18 @ 7pm

What is a legacy? What is greatness? Can we trust our history, or even our own memory? The Rumoured Lyfe and Certain Death of Delia Bacon asks these questions by exploring the life of American pioneer Delia Bacon, the first person to advance the theory that William Shakespeare did not write the plays attributed to him. The controversial Shakespeare Authorship Question is inherent in the structure of this sung- through musical, with music and lyrics written by several authors in close collaboration.