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Imagine: Doing your awesome work in a kind of social justice incubator

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Synergy Social Commons: A co-working space for justice-focused individuals and organizations working for the common good.

Synergy is a low-cost, office-sharing environment for those who would like to work around other justice-minded people. It's perfect for smaller not-for-profit operations and individuals whose work requires a more private and inclusive environment than a coffee shop.

is this the space for you?

Maybe you've created an arts program for underserved youth. Maybe you dove headlong into water conservation and distribution project in Malawi. Maybe you'd like to start a fund so you can help change the world.

It could be that you're focusing your energy, intelligence, imagination and love on a venture to end chronic homelessness; or employ former inmates; or educate people who dropped out of high school; or prevent gun violence, or help run-away GLTBQ young adults gain a sense of community...Maybe you'd like to write a book!

If you are a justice-minded individual or organization looking for space to work on the Upper East Side, apply to be a part of Synergy: A Co-working space where we are working toward world where all people are in a position to thrive.

351 E 74th St, New York, NY, 10021. Take the Q. Synergy is just two blocks from the 72nd Street station of the 2nd Avenue Subway Line.

Contact Monica Carson: or call 347-801-8501.


Your month fee includes:


EXTENDED, 13x7 HOURS:  M-F, 8am to -9pm

BRIGHT, CONTEMPORARY ROOMS Shared tables with traditional office chair row seating, standing desk space with barstools and armchair seating in bright, south facing room

CONFERENCE ROOM TIME  3 hours conference room time per month FREE! Additional time can be reserved at $30 per hour

AWESOME ART Who doesn't want to be surrounded by that?



INTEGRAL CAFE SPACE Coffee and tea pods, water cooler, fridge, microwave and great seating. Did somebody say plants?

STORAGE LOCKERS Only $10.00 per month

FREE USE OF LARGE EVENT SPACE for your own fundraising or friend raising event, one time per year with six-month contract.

ACCESS TO ROOF GARDEN for break time or meetings with fewer than 10 people.

COMMUNITY  nonprofit organizations and other individuals who are working for the common good

UNIQUE, EXCITING COLLABORATION Co-workers will be expected to contribute one hour per month to collaborate with co-workers and conceptualize a project that will serve the common good of all New Yorkers (After one year of planning, project will be presented to the City of New York for funding).

EVENTS As our Synergy community grows, we will plan monthly events, workshops or classes that allow members to meet, connect and network with like-minded people. 


$285 per month for a 3-5 month contract

                              $270.75 (5% discount) for contracts extending 6-11 months

$256.50 (10% discount) for annual contracts

To apply, contact Monica Carson ( or 347-801-8501). But be quick! Space is limited to insure an optimal work environment for everyone.

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