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You're invited.


Dinner Party is a new-old way of doing church, centered around one of the most ancient forms of Christian worship -- a shared meal -- with a contemporary, justice-forward vision of faith that doesn't shy away from the challenging questions. Every Sunday at 6pm, we eat some good food, read from the Bible, pray together, share our stories, and sing a song or two.

Dinner Party is progressive and inclusive. We believe God welcomes all people to the table, with all of their hopes, doubts, life experiences, and questions.   

Each meal is completely free, though we always welcome you to bring a side dish or dessert, your prayer requests, or a few dollars to support the next week's meal!



January 14: veggie hoppin' John
January 21: Green apple and almond quinoa
January 28: اش رشته (Ash Reshteh)
February 4: Panzanella with Fresh Garden Vegetables


scripture reading

January 14: John 2: 1-11  
January 21: 
john 2: 13-25
January 28: john 3: 1-21      February 4John 9: 1-41




Have questions or want to let us know you're coming?